My goal is to work with you to help identify exactly what you wish to get out of your interior.

We can build a room around a favorite object or completely rethink a space, whatever your budget.

I’ll find out what makes you tick & ensure that together we make your home reflect your individuality and tastes.

All consultancies start with a free 30 minute meeting to discuss your project on location. 

Depending on your needs my services include the following:

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Hourly Consultation

Is something in your home just not sitting right, but you can't put your finger on it? Do you need a second opinion before making a final choice? Do you want suggestions about colours, lighting, furniture or soft furnishings? I would be delighted to come to your home to help you with any questions related to your interior design or decoration that you may have. Hourly rate 120.-/hr

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Home Makeover

Rethinking the layout, colours, lighting and furniture for your home can be overwhelming. My passion is to look at spaces and make them fit with you and your lifestyle. Working closely with you I will endeavour to make you a home which will perfectly reflect your character, budget and needs. Each project is different, contact us today to get a quote.

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Home layout

I can assist you with decisions concerning the allocation of space in your home. Working with builders and architects (where necessary) I can give you ideas, support and help you in taking decisions to ensure you feel you have explored all options and are are on the right path to creating your dream home starting with the design process until completion of the work.



One of the very basic things which can alter the way you feel in your home is how you illuminate each space. Ideally you would work on the lighting plans before your house was built, however, using task, accent and functional lighting intelligently we can completely alter any atmosphere at any given moment.

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Personal Shopping.jpeg

Personal shopping

Going shopping can be intimidating. There are so many options from which to choose. You might not know where to start. During a Personal Shopping morning or afternoon I can help facilitate and guide you in your choices, making it a less daunting and a more fruitful, enjoyable experience.

Home staging

Home staging is the visual optimisation of the home you are looking to sell. By using simple techniques to neutralise and simplify the decor, more people are able to project themselves living in your home. By increasing the appeal of your home to a greater number of buyers, effective home staging reduces the amount of time a property spends on the market and for an average investment of 1% (of the value of the house) the Up-value has been known to reach over 12% of the asking price.

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Room Reports

A Room Report is a tailor made analysis of a space. After a home visit and working from your brief, I will make suggestions of how you can modify or enhance features of the area(s) in question. A Room Report can contain proposals for lighting, colours as well as suggestions for soft furnishings, furniture and materials so that you can complete the look and feel you desire for any given room.


If you are looking to buy a home and would like an un-biased opinion regarding the potential of a property that you have shortlisted, it would be my pleasure to aid you in visualising how it could meet your lifestyle needs and desires during an on-site walk through.



A Moodboard is a visual melting pot designed to convey the look and feel of the space in question. It is the bedrock tool which you can use going forward to ensure your design stays ‘on-track’ when taking decisions concerning your interior. It will ensure your room style remains consistent down to the finest detail.


A Sampleboard is used to present to you suggestions of materials (e.g. flooring, wall treatments), textiles, lighting, soft furnishings and furniture where necessary, for each room you would like to redesign. This work is supported by a document which lists suggested links to all the items featured on the Sampleboard.